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Server Model Processor Speed Memory Hard Drives Bandwidth


Intel® Dual-Core 2 Cores x 2.8 GHz
(Turbo Boost)
4 GB DDR3 500 GB (2x500 GB SATA) 10TB (at 100 Mbit/s port)
€275.00 /mo


Intel® Quad-Core 4 Cores (HT) x 3.5 GHz 16 GB DDR3 1000 GB (2x500 GB SATA) UNLIM. (at 100 Mbit/s port)
€307.95 /mo
    1st month FREE
    Included with your machine
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    Frequently Ask Questions

    If you have a dedicated server it uses all resources for you, you don't have to share it with other people! You can do whatever you want with the software, there are no limits, it is all your responsibility and freedom!

    When the server has a hardware failure, we will do all things for you to repair it!

    On a dedicated system you are responsible to take backups your own. If you need external backups, you can take a VPS by us and save your data to the external VPS. Why? If the disk fails your data is protected.